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RDM General Implementation Discussion General Discussion and questions relating to implementing RDM in a product.

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I need to add numerous control options to our RDM implementation that are not standard PIDs. They are unique to our devices, therefore not worthy of consideration for addition to the overall standard.

Despite it's limitations, the original PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION, in E1.20, would work fine for what I need to do.

Is PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION supported by any controllers? It would be great if the DMXcat would do it.

Also, what happened to E1.37-5 with an expanded version of PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION? I have the draft from 2014, but I don't see it or anything similar in the published or review categories of the TSP website.

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Some controllers support PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION I know, but overall I don't think it has been that widely supported because of it's limitations. There expanded version of Parameter Description that will give you full ability to describe more complex PIDs is slated to get voted on to go out to it's next Public Review in a couple weeks (E1.37-5). It got held up for a while as we've been working on a revision to E1.20 and there were a lot of things in E1.37-5 that were going to be impacted by it. We've worked through all that now. The new Parameter Description stuff in E1.37-5 had minimal change since the previous PR. So keep an eye out around mid-October to hopefully see it in Public Review.
Scott M. Blair
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This is great, many thanks!

I wonder if you could forward my question to the people working on the DMXcat, or bring this thread to their attention for a direct reply from them?

If the DMXcat supports the function as currently defined in E1.20, I will proceed with coding immediately. Otherwise, this will (once again) be on hold until whenever a common and readily available controller will talk to my devices as needed.

Way back at the beginning of RDM, I coded a lot of stuff with subdevices and E1.37 PIDs, not realizing customers would be buying controllers that supported neither. This swamped our support channels with complaints we couldn't readily solve, a situation that even today is a significant (and annoying) resource consumer. But at least now we can tell them to get a DMXcat and all will be good.

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Hi Jim,

The DMXcat does indeed support PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION. If a device has Mfg specific PID(s), there will be a tab on the bottom of the screen for that device named MANUF. SETTINGS. It will then load the parameter descriptions for each and display them as a list.

It also supports ETCs enumerated text Mfg Specific PID to convert enumerations to text.

Sub devices are also fully supported. As well as a good portion of 1.37-x PIDs.

Paul Kleissler
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