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Default DMX robust - RDM not?

Not sure if this comment fits here or under user implementation but I have discovered emperically that DMX is much more robust on a compromised wiring system than the RDM traffic on the same line. A NEMA outdoor, weather rated electrical box, was found to be full of water. The wires and screw terminals on an ETC-pcb mounted on the 4-pin panel xlr were quite corroded. Yet the Aquaram power (pins 1,4) and the DMX data (pins 2,3) were able to get through and power three units and run cues correctly. However, the RDM traffic was occasionally corrupted enough to result in "Dropped Device" messages and no sensor data readings.
I'll now be going through all of the 10 year old terminal boxes to seek out other issues that may be present.

Maybe that others will make this discovery when they try to run RDM products on their "old" DMX systems that have worked well enough in the past? Might be worth noting in an implementation guide.

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