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Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
Disclaimer: I'm speaking solely from my experience and not making any grand "It can't be done" proclamations. It's been several years since I tried using a USB UART for RDM. It's fully possible that I drew the wrong conclusions or that the problems I encountered have been resolved in newer chips or newer software.
Having used several different manufacturer's offerings ( but not for DMX ), I am pretty sure that you are still correct. These all needed custom drivers, which caused no end of problems, so I now use a processor with an integrated USB interface and rely on the standard device class drivers built in to Windows ( and probaby Linux and whatever the Mac OS currently calls itself as well ).

If there is any interest, I could easily knock up a USB to serial chip that is DMX and RDM aware to get around these problems while still being compatible with software that thinks it is driving a COM port. I might even be persuaded to make it open source
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