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Default Welcome to the RDM Interpretation Discussion Forum

Welcome to the RDM Interpretation Discussion Forum

This forum is geared mainly for Developers to discuss issues or questions related to understanding or interpreting what is said in the RDM E1.20 Standard.

Keep in mind that there is a process for obtaining an official interpretation through ANSI and ESTA (

This forum is an informal way for getting quick questions to the "what did they mean by this?" or "it says this, does this mean I can do that?" type questions. While many of us here were involved in actually developing the Standard, you will likely see differing answers or debates on occasion. This is a result of the fact that in many areas we've left the standard open and flexible for different implementations, while maintaining interoperability. This may result in a range of options for your implementation and you'll get exposure to that range from the discussions here.

In general, please try and keep seperate issues or thoughts as individual threads as it makes it easier to follow as the discussion progresses.
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