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Welcome to the RDM Forums. It depends on the nature of your product but this is what sub-devices were designed to handle. Sub-Devices are generally meant for an array of similar device types.

The classic example of sub-devices would be a dimmer rack where the rack itself is the root device and the dimmer modules are sub-devices. You can then have a DMX Address PID for each of the sub-devices.

Another common example are color scrollers where you have the Power Supply which is the root device and then the scroller heads which are sub-devices.

You can extend this logic to other things that have less physical similarity but just keep in mind what PIDs you support in the root device vs. the sub-device as there are rules that come into play there with declaring the same Supported PIDs list across all the sub-devices.

If you can go into more specifics of the nature of the type of product and the details we might be able to help give you more specific answers for your application.
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