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Default DMX Personality

Hello All,

Could someone verify or correct my interpretation of DMX personalities?

As I see it, the acceptable range for reporting the current personality and number of personalities in both the DMX_PERSONALITY and DEVICE_INFO PIDs should be 0x0101 - 0xFFFF. That is, it would be incorrect to report 0x0000 or 0x0100 in the DMX Personality field of a DEVICE_INFO response for a device that does not use personalities or support the DMX_PERSONALITY PID.

My reasoning comes from the last paragraph on p. 68 in the spec, which states that personalities are to be consecutively numbered starting at 1. I believe this statement elimiates the validity of reporting 0x0000 in the DMX personality field of DEVICE_INFO, but not specifically 0x0100. However, it seems reasonable that 0x0100 should also be invalid because this is equivalent to saying "I am set to the first of zero personalities". If this interpretation is correct it means every RDM compliant device must have at least 1 personality.

Thanks - Patrick
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