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You raised some very good questions. These are questions we will need to clarify in a future revision to the standard.

I went back to Wayne Howell who wrote that portion of the original document. Here's his comments on the original thinking:

For SENS_MEMORY or any sensor type using UNITS_BYTE, the prefix is 1024. So using the commenter’s example:

No Prefix - 1024 UNITS_BYTE = 1024 bytes = 1 Kbyte
Kilo prefix - 1 UNITS_BYTE = 1024 bytes = 1 Kbyte
Kilo prefix - 1000 UNITS_BYTE = 1000 Kbytes
Kilo prefix - 1024 UNITS_BYTE = 1 Mbyte

Using milli etc was never considered and should be thought of as undefined.
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