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I would support your interpretation as it does strictly follow what is written.

However at the same time, I would not fall over if someone returned 0x0000. I could see someone that only has a single DMX footprint or mode making a decision to report 0x0000 if they chose not to report the DMX_PERSONALITY message since the DMX footprint already gets reported back in the DEVICE_INFO message.

A device which does not consume any DMX channels and has a resultant footprint of 0 could also likely make the decision to report 0x0000. I think this last one is a bit more of a gray area and I could see someone making arguments both ways on it.

While what Peter says is correct, someone could use this message for devices that have different modes that don't actually consume DMX channels, the intent and typical purpose of the message is for different DMX512 Personalities and most will associate it with that.
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