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Eric, I have a net with our own Controller (i.e. hardware and firmware was developed by our company, not third-party), couple of our own responders and Enttec Mk2. All of them are connected to one DMX/RDM bus. Enttec Mk2 works as a Controller via Enttec's PC program.

When I perform discovery with my Controller it finds both responders and Enttec Mk2's UID, so Mk2 responds to Discovery requests. I can't set Mk2 to be responder even if I want as I did not purchase license for their Responder PC program. When I request with my Controller any PIDs (for example, Manufacturer Label, Device Info) from Mk2 it responds with ACK_TIMER.

Again, it's not Mk2's behavior I am worrying about. Since I am using Enttec as a reference (assuming that it is widely accepted in community DMX/RDM developer), I wonder if our own Controller should behave similar and whether I need to make my own Controller respond to any requests including Discovery?
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