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Using arbitrary large numbers here just for an example. If a controller sends to a proxy, and the Proxy replies with ACK_TIMER for 1 second. The Proxy then queries the device and the device gives an ACK_TIMER of 3 seconds. If the controller comes back after 1 second asking again, then the controller can simply then give another ACK_TIMER with the new estimated time of 3 seconds.

Yes, the proxy can reply multiple times with ACK_TIMER if needed.

You can't just simply pipe all RDM messages over Ethernet. There are many differences. For example, RDM Discovery won't work over Ethernet because of the timing requirements. You have to have an intelligent RDM Controller or Proxy on the far end of the Ethernet network. There are all kinds of other issues that come into play also. We are currently working on a new standard that allows for RDM messages to be encapsulated over Ethernet. It includes provisions for RDM Gateways to handle encapsulating RDM messages into Ethernet packets. Gateways are responsible for doing their own Discovery. There is quite a bit to the standard and has not been trivial for us to write. The next draft version for this upcoming standard should be out for Public Review and comment at the end of this year. Announcements will be sent out to all the forum members here when it is available for review.
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