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If the RDM controller send to proxy request and proxy send response with an ACK TIMER and proxy send query for wireless RDM device, but wireless RDM responder answer with ACK TIMER, what to do in this situation for proxy device?
is it possible twice send answer with ACK TIMER to say for controller that device is not ready yet? Is it standard way for RDM standard?
Is it possible to use vdsl2 modems for extension of ethernet line and send RDM packets inside this net?The delay of packets maybe around 4 or more milliseconds.
As alternate is it possible to use ethernet to control RDM devices, as i understand it is possible if i will use timeout with 5 or more milliseconds. For example i will send DMX512 and then RDM query, then again send DMX512 packets and wait RDM answer with big timeout, if i receive RDM answer or big timeout time is up, then send next RDM query. Is it normal practice to use this way for RDM controller? Can i think that it is a standard use of RDM control? How other ethernet controller software developer use the big timeout or not?
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