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Originally Posted by gthaliath View Post
But the ADDICT was showing numbers all over the place.(26 to 34)(34 when it was showing address not on the network, no way or cross talk from any other devices just a random address)
This is a common problem with RDM controllers that don't implement discovery properly.

During discovery, you have lots of responders trying to respond at once. Sometimes these collisions will line up in such a way that it looks like a valid discovery response for a non-existent responder UID.

When it sees a valid discovery response, the controller is supposed to mute the UID from that response, and then only add it to the list of discovered devices if the responder replies to the mute request. But some poorly implemented controllers add the non-existent UID even when there's no response.

Make sure you're running the newest firmware on the ADDICT. If you still have the problem get in touch with the manufacturer and work with them to get the problem solved. It might help to point them to these forums.

Originally Posted by gthaliath View Post
how could we check if the responders on the network are working fine in respect to timing.
I'd start with your DMXter. Run a full discovery. In the "RDM Controller" menu, there is a "View Responder Timing" option, this will show you details about discovery timing.
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