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soundscu January 30th, 2021 04:37 PM

E1.37-5 URL parameters
Hey all.

I'm wondering what happened to E1.37-5. Was it ratified? Or is it still under development?

I'd really like to implement URL features, so that controllers can grab device user manuals and other info online. PIDs (proposed) in E1.37-5 include:

4.2 Get Manufacturer URL (MANUFACTURER_URL)
4.3 Get Product URL (PRODUCT_URL)
4.4 Get Firmware URL (FIRMWARE_URL)

Of course, there could be URLs for help on every individual PID, which makes me think there could be a HELP_URL that uses the PID code in its syntax as either a static page or a query. For example:

HELP_URL might be set to "https://mygreatcompany.com/"

Then an RDM controller help feature goes to:



Obviously, the syntax would need to be defined in the standard.


RC4 Wireless / Soundsculpture Inc.

sblair January 31st, 2021 12:40 AM


E1.37-5 is getting ready to go back out to Public Review in the next couple months. Interesting suggestion on the HELP PID. I'm hoping that the Parameter Description JSON functionality will reduce the need for that by being able to completely describe PID functionality. We also have a JSON URL PID that allows a device to provide a URL where the machine readable JSON description can be fetched as well that should provide similar functionality as to what you've described.

soundscu January 31st, 2021 10:51 AM

Thanks for the quick reply!

The JSON PID sounds ideal for flexibility.

I've been concerned that I don't have a ton of space in flash on our small devices to store long static JSON scripts. I certainly wouldn't do it as straight ASCII, more likely I'd devise a system of symbols to represent keywords in a lookup table. It's considerable infrastructure to build, in any case.

A URL to an online JSON script is a good solution. I look forward to these things becoming part of the spec, and then -- of course -- for controllers to implement them, grabbing those JSON scripts and storing them locally for when the cord is cut while running a live show.

Thanks again,

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